Most intercoms support the use of a door lock to allow the door to be opened after pressing a button on the intercom. Should the lock not operate please check:

The lock will not function:

  • Does the intercom require an additional power supply to power the lock? Check the user manual and use an additional power supply if required.
  • Has the correct additional power supply been used? Usually 12V 0.5A is required.
  • Is the door lock compatible? Usually an electromagnetic lock is suitable as some other types of lock require a much larger power source to operate that are not compatible with the intercoms.
  • Check the wiring, are there any breaks in the cable?

The door clock operates for a second or two then stops:

  • Has the correct additional power supply been used? If the power supply does not give out suitable power then the lock will not be able to hold open, it will open for a second then lock again. This should be 12V 0.5A rated.
  • Try to keep cable length from the intercom to the door lock below 20 meters to avoid voltage drop. Voltage drop can occur then the incorrect cable is used or the cable is too long, the small voltage will struggle to travel the entire distance and still provide adequate power to operate the lock continuously. 

The door lock operates for around 5-10 seconds then stops:

  • The intercom has a fixed time that the door lock remains open, this cannot be changed.