It is not possible to reset earlier DB chime units, as such if a rogue signal is remotely activating the chime then a new up to date DB kit will be required as these later have a reset function built in, and the reset button is located next to the battery in the bell push.

This will be located on the back of the product as in the images below and will be in one of the following formats depending upon the date of production: 


The image below indicates a serial number of 'SN:SP021306', and any produced before 'SP021502' would not have the reset function and the kit would need to be replaced if it has a problem with interference.

If the serial number were SN:SP021502 or greater, then the bell push will have a reset button next to the battery and the kit can be reset to purge the rogue learnt signal.

This SN:SP02XXXX serial type code format was eventually replaced with the current PO:SUPO16/17/18/19XXXXX serial number format. The example in the image below is an example below of a later unit. These 'SUPO' serial types also have the reset buttons in the bell push.

Reset procedure:

We would advise undertaking the reset separately for each DB chime unit you have installed.

  1. Power down the DB chime unit(s) for 20 seconds or so-depending on how it is powered, either by removing the batteries or switch off the power at the socket if a plug in type.
  2. Power on the unit once again to hear it 'Ding Dong'
  3. Within 30 seconds, press the reset button next to the battery. The chime will ring, then do not press anything for another 30 seconds, the chime unit is now reset and all previously stored signals (including your own) should have been erased.
  4. To pair the DB chime to your bell push again, repeat from step 1 but at step 3 press the front rubber bell push button instead within 30 seconds. The chime should now ring when the push is pressed and is paired once again.