The beeping can be caused by two issues, depending on how the chime is powered.

1.Low or poor quality batteries

Replace the batteries for new Alkaline or Lithium types to resolve the issue.

If beeping remains please ensure the batteries are all new, even a single low powered battery out of 3 will cause a problem!

Do not use Zinc Chloride, Zinc Carbon or rechargeable type batteries. They Zinc types are poor quality and do not have enough power for these radio products to operate, whereas rechargeable batteries can only ever produce 1.2 Volts, even on a full charge and chimes require all batteries to provide 1.5V. Sometimes Zinc batteries can be labelled 'Super Heavy Duty' but they are only designed for low power products. see below examples:


2. Faulty plug-in chime unit

If the chime unit is a plug-in model then the beeping identifies an internal fault that cannot be repaired. The unit would need to be replaced.

If the item is under warranty then please use the product return page to request a faulty return: