It is not possible to change the frequency of the products, this will remain fixed at 433Mhz. However in some cases it is possible to change the code that the transmitter sends in order to improve performance or avoid interference on models using older technology. 

In all cases the method is different, please check the user manual of your product under RESET in order to solve most performance and interference related issues. 

For newer models such as our B, DB, DBY and BY ranges a more advanced coding system is used to avoid interference and as such these models do not have the option to change the code. Even so in this case follow the RESET guide in the user manual to resolve most issues. 

In general:

For SX models with dip switches, change the switches in the bell push to any new combination, also match the new combination in the door chime unit.

For SX models without dip switches, remove the battery from the bell push and re-insert it, this will change the code. Power off your chime then power back on again and press your bell push to pair to the new code.