Dear Sir or Madam,

thank you for your e-mail.

Enclosed you will find the explanation for filling in the UPS shipping information

  1. Please enter your name in this field (first and last name).
  2. Please enter your postal address in this field (shipping to Packstation is not possible).
  3. In this field you can enter additional information, such as back door, side entrance, etc.
  4. Please enter the name of your place of residence in this field.
  5. In this field please enter the zip code of your place of residence.
  6. In this field please select the country where you live.
  7. In this field please enter a telephone number for possible questions of the delivery person.
  8. In this field please enter the RMA number, you will find it in the subject line of the e-mail                                               (It is important to enter the letters as well, otherwise an error message will be displayed. An example RMA2000000 ).
  9. In this field please enter the weight in KG without separation e.g. camera 2 or food processor 15